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Bankruptcy Counseling

Making a decision to file bankruptcy is difficult, but it may be the best solution to help you recover from your present financial situation. If you are considering bankruptcy, you made the right choice to contact CCCSF. We are prepared to provide personal bankruptcy counseling that will review your options, and will help you understand the advantages, disadvantages and alternatives to bankruptcy.

According to federal law, all consumers must complete a counseling and education program prior to the discharge of their debts. Within 180 days of filing you are required to complete the pre filing bankruptcy counseling session. If you plan to file jointly, both filers must participate. The fee for the session is $40 with no addition charge for the spouse. A certificate is issued upon the completion of the session.

Pre-filing bankruptcy consists of:

  • Identifying the precipitating causes of the financial problems
  • Establishing the clientís household expenses according to the courtís procedures
  • Accounting for the clientís indebtedness
  • Reviewing possible solutions available to the client
  • Conducting a chapter 7 means test when appropriate
  • Preparing the client for filing

Prior to the discharge of your debt and within 45 days from your first meeting of your creditors (341 meeting), the law requires you to complete a two hour personal financial management course. The class fee is $75/$132.50 for joint filers which include the book "Live a Richer Life".

Pre-discharge personal financial management education consists of:

  • Real time, real life budgeting and seeing the effects of positive and negative cash flow
  • The wise use of credit, constructive and destructive debt, analyzing credit offers
  • Prioritizing family spending
  • Involving the entire family in the spending plan process
  • Achieving long term financial success
  • Recovering from bankruptcy...where do we go from here?

CCCS provides counseling and education face to face, and by phone. Call 1-888-381-3720 for an appointment at a location near you or to register on-line click here. To learn if you are eligible for a fee waiver click here.