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Operations - Information Technology

Welcome to the CCAP Information Technology Department home page. Here you will find information about our approach to technology infrastructure and information about some of the services we employ that support the daily operation of the various programs and services CCAP offers to our community. As a relatively new department of the CCAP corporate structure, for the past three years IT has been building a foundation for the agency-wide standardization and integration of technological adoption and advancement. We actively seek out and test the most efficient and responsible solutions that continue to improve speed and accuracy of the daily activity of the agency.

Currently, the CCAP IT staff manages individual user accounts for some 300 employees in the various HR, finance, communication, and internal process systems in place. Each of the more than 24 physical CCAP locations has its own unique needs from Head Start monitoring systems to inventory control for the Second Harvest Food Bank.

Andrew Brossia, Network Manager