Cumberland Community Action Program News

Consumer Credit Counseling Service - Education

Creating Spending Plans
Covers how to develop a budget, financial goals and savings plan; how to track expenses; monitor your cash flow; and related topics. This program is geared to first time clients as well as clients who need to brush up their budgeting skills.

Money Power Workshop
Clients learn to recognize inappropriate attitudes and behaviors toward money and credit, gain practical skills for effective money management and develop new financial habits and improved self-confidence.

Understanding Credit
The purpose of this workshop is to understand how credit reports are created. The class will discuss the parts of a credit report and how to read the information. Students will learn the process for correcting information on their credit report as per the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Methods for improving and establishing credit will be discussed.

Steps to Re-establishing Credit
Students will understand how to learn from past credit mistakes and rebuild a positive credit record. The steps include: developing a budget to repay debts, design an action plan, pay with cash, obtain your credit report, apply for unsecured credit, apply for secured credit.

Divorce and Credit
The purpose of this workshop is to understand debt responsibilities while divorcing. Students will understand how individual or joint accounts can affect payment responsibilities. Option to safeguarding against debt problems will be discussed.