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Consumer Credit Counseling Service - Education

What is Money
For pre-elementary school age children, this program shows that money is earned by doing a job and money is spent on wants and needs.

The Life of a Check
For elementary school age children, this program helps students understand what a check is and the importance of recording checks and deposits.

Your Ticket to Ride
The purpose of this program is to provide high school juniors and seniors with information about buying and maintaining their first car.

Credit Basics for Students
The purpose of this program is to educate high school and college students about how to manage money and credit before they get into serious troubles with credit cards and student loans.

Smart Shopping
High School students will learn how to get the most for their money by comparison shopping. They will learn how to stretch their money at the grocery store. Students will learn the steps to take to make smart decisions when buying large, expensive items such as washers and dryers and furniture.

Building Savings
The emphasis will be on building an emergency savings account first. Certificate of deposits and money market accounts will be discussed as vehicles for building savings. Participants will develop an action plan to meet saving goals. Participants will get ideas to jump start savings and establish a monthly saving plan.

Credit Basis for Students
Students will learn about types of credit, credit reports, establishing credit and solving credit problems. Students will learn about laws, which protect their consumer rights when applying for credit and using credit.

Vehicles for Financial Investments
Participants will learn how to set long-term goals. Why retirement savings are a priority. Understand the benefits of tax-deferred income for IRA's, 401(K) or 403(b).